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Direct equity refers to investment in the stock market directly. To directly invest in the stock market, you need a demat and trading account. This account allows investors to buy shares/stock of the company directly from the stock market.

We offer direct equity as a service to help you build your portfolio. Any investment in or withdraw from shares/stock of companies will be managed by our in-house equity team who will execute all required transactions on your behalf.

Risk free returns (PPF/ Bank FDs) generate just about 6%-7% while inflation in the range of at 8%-10% it is critical that as an investor you need to gradually build your investment portfolio with exposure towards equity investment. Eventually Equities play a very important part of your long term investment portfolio. LIFE Group, as an equity specialist, guides investors to help and manage their long term investments in equities.The offering in Equity investments primarily is based on the objective and risk profile of investors. We offer customized solutions to meet the requirements of our clients with focus to offer investment ideas to generate long term wealth creation.

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